Storing Materials & Finished Goods

Whether you are looking to optimise your supply chain or simply need to manage a seasonal inventory upsurge, Feoso Oil (Malaysia) is here to help. We have more than 10,000 square metres of storage space, a mixture between indoor and outdoor. The sites are strategically managed and designed to support finished lubricant storage of various pack types and sizes.

Much of the value we offer goes beyond inventory management and visibility of the supply chain. Our strategic location means our warehouse is located next to its manufacturing plant, giving you the flexibility to plan according to your business demands. Thus, reducing your supply chain costs.

Know exactly where your goods are and how many there are, with improved stock management and demand planning. Our team is fully equipped and trained to move your products on notice. 

Facilities – Indoor

Production Warehouse

Finished Goods Warehouse


Facilities – Outdoor

Outdoor Sheltered Warehouse

Drum Yard