What We Manufacture?

Engine Oil

dot  Passenger Car Engine Oils

We manufacture wide range of Engine Oils to serve different needs of petrol or diesel car engine lubrication requirements. This includes Fully Synthetic Oils, Semi-Synthetic Oils and Mineral Oils which are in compliance with standards set by API (American Petroleum Institute) and other OEM specifications. We formulate our Synthetic Oils with the most advanced components and latest technology. This provides us the flexibility to tailor make requirements to satisfy customers' needs more precisely.

dot  Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles Diesel Engine Oils

We manufacture a wide range of Diesel Engine Oils, (from Mineral Oil, Semi-Synthetic Oil to Fully Synthetic Oil) which meet the highest specifications set by API. Our lubricants are tailored to serve different needs: for low emissions, fuel economy, extended drain capability, excellent wear protection and etc. 

Motorcycles- 2T and 4T

dot  Motorcycle Oils- 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engines

We manufacture complete range of Motorcycle Oil to suit all types of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds for all forms of riding. Our products are specially formulated with base oils and additives for two and four stroke engines that meet both API and Jaso standards.

dot  General Industrial & Metal Working Oils

As a manufacturer like you, we understand how significant would flawless operation affect our costing and output achievements. We manufacture wide range of general application industrial and metal working oils (eg: Hydraulic Oil) with high quality formulations, aiming to facilitate your operations, maximize your equipment efficiency, reduce and prevent downtime, and prolong your machine tool life adding substantial value to your operations.

Gear Oil

dot  Auto Transmission Fluids / Manual Gear Oils

We produce high quality Auto Transmission Fluids (ATF) and Manual Gear Oil of various specifications to meet various transmission gear type requirements.