Feoso Oil Petrol Engine Oil

Which Feoso Oil is suitable for my car?

We always recommend you check your car manual or research its specifications before putting anything in it. With most newer car models, we recommend using fully synthetic engine oil as the intricacies of newer engines require their lubricant to be versatile. When it comes to older domestic vehicles, we usually recommend a semi-synthetic blend, which should do the trick. When in doubt, fully synthetic oils will almost always take better care of your engine.

Feoso Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Fully synthetic oils are made from a blend of chemical compounds that are designed to provide the best possible performance in all weather conditions. They offer superior protection against engine wear, and can help improve fuel economy and emissions. Our Feoso fully synthetic oils are some of the most advanced on the market, and they have been developed to meet the latest industry standards.If you’re looking for an engine oil that can offer superior protection and performance, then a Feoso fully synthetic oil is the perfect choice for you. Recommended to use up to 10,000km or 5 months duration.

What Is Viscosity?


Fully Synthetic Engine Oil