Feoso Oil Diesel & Gear Oil

Diesel Oil

When you think of heavy-duty, you think, the diesel engine. Large, powerful motors are built to perform heavy-duty works and move as efficiently as possible, causing accelerated oxidation and oil thickening. This can lead to higher temperatures, higher pressures, and an increase in the build-up of deposits in the oil reserves. All of this is pushing your oil to its limits.

Feoso Oil provides high-quality diesel engine oils that will stabilise the whole internal digestion of your motor by increasing aeration, protecting it against corrosion and wear. Plus improving its fuel economy at the same time. So make a difference and maximise your heavy-duty vehicles to the fullest.

Don’t see an oil you’re looking for? We will make one for you. Shoot us an email or contact us by phone and we’ll get it to you.

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Gear Oil Supplier in Malaysia - Gear Oil Manufacturer - Gear Oil Manufacturer Malaysia

Gear Oil

Gears make the world go around, but that doesn’t come without a little elbow grease to smooth the way. These days we rely so heavily on high-load operating equipment and commercial vehicles to maintain our productivity. This results in the build-up of heat and debris between gear surfaces.

Feoso Oil lubricants are perfectly formulated according to industry standards to resolve these issues. Thick enough for wear protection and thin enough to naturally reduce thermal stress. With the perfect formulation in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to take on any of these real-world challenges with open arms.