Base Oil Storage

What are base oils?

As they say, ‘Quality starts at the Base’, and when it comes to base oils, they are the cornerstone of what makes high-quality and high-performing lubricants versus ordinary lubricants.  Base oils are one of the primary ingredients in lubricants and are used to improve their viscosity and protect engines from wear, friction, and corrosion.

Base oils are classified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) into five different groups, based on how each is processed and its chemical properties. 

Group I and II are typically known as mineral conventional base oils, with Group I being less refined than the other. Group I are solvent-refined (a simpler refining process), while its counterpart, Group II, are often manufactured by hydrocracking (a more complex process). Group II base oils contain higher saturation and sulphur levels. Thus, resulting in better antioxidation properties and higher corrosion protection.

Base oils are classified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) into five different groups, based on how each is processed and its chemical properties.

Group III base oils are also created through hydrocracking. However, a higher temperature and pressure is used to refine the oils, resulting in clearer and colourless oils with a Viscosity Index above 120. This group of oils are often much more oxidative-resistant and of higher quality.

Group IV and V are not often used in the manufacturing of lubricants, and you can find out more by contacting our laboratory.

Base Stock Physical Properties


What is it?



Defines base oil viscosity grade


Viscosity Index

Defines viscosity-temperature relationship


Specific Gravity

Defines density of oil relative to water


Flash Point

Defines high-temperature volatility and flammability properties


Pour Point

Defines low-temp oil fluidity behaviour


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Storage and Repacking

From the Jetty to You

Directly linked and piped from the jetty, we have a massive logistic advantage in moving your product in and out. Our 700 m direct pipeline enables us to pump base oils from marine vessels at the jetty straight into our tanks. Thus, significantly reducing the cost of transportation and speeds up shipping time for your oils to get to you.


Once received, your base oils will be transferred into one of 21 bulk storage tanks with a capacity ranging from 16 to 1800 metric tonnes. The diverse number of tanks gives us the flexibility to store a full range of base oils in dedicated tanks according to orders and avoid contamination. Before each transfer, the tanks are cleaned and inspected thoroughly before a fresh new batch of oil is added. The pipeline from the jetty to our tanks is also completely pigged before the oil transfer.


Packing and exporting your base oils can come in several forms. This ranges from drums, IBCs, flexibags and road tankers.

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Quality starts at the Base

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